Balconies and Balustrades

The design requirements for balcony balustrades and balustrades to the edges of walkways, sunken and raised areas are covered by BS 6180 –‘barriers in and about buildings’.

The new and the old

In addition to the obvious safety requirement fulfilled by balustrades to these areas the careful choice of balustrade design can significantly enhance the overall appearance of the development and complement the design of other railing elements such as the boundary railing, gates and staircase balustrades.

In addition to balustrades to balconies we are also able to provide associated deck framing, steel decking and associated support columns.

The refurbishment of high rise tenement blocks and similar multi occupancy dwellings frequently involves the replacement of the existing balcony and walkway balustrades.

In these locations consideration should be given to aesthetics and the provision of privacy for the occupants. Additionally, the issues of long term maintenance and resistance to damage caused by vandalism must also be addressed.


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