Pedestrian Guardrails

Pedestrian guardrails are covered by the design requirements detailed in BS 7818.

Cole Ironcraft offer all BS 7818 class loadings for normal guardrails to our Sureguard design and high visibility guardrails (with staggered infills) to our Clearview design. Additionally, guardrails to special and client designs can be provided.

Clearview – Meeting the need for improved visibility

Consider the following: –

  • A pedestrian guardrail with normal ‘straight line’ infill bars has NO VISION through the panel at angles of less than approximately 7 degrees to the line of the railing.
  • The angle of view from the driving position of the vehicle travelling at 30mph to the guardrail adjacent to the vehicles to the vehicles stopping point is in line with 6 degrees.
  • From these two fact alone it is clear that the transparency of Clearview pedestrian guardrails at these shallow view angles greatly enhances the ability of vehicle drivers to see potential pedestrian hazards and thereby radically improves safety and guardrail controlled locations.

Introducing Sureguard pedestrian guardrail

As a complement to the Clearview range of pedestrian guardrails and for those location which do not require a high visibility option, the Sureguard range of pedestrian guardrails provides all the class loadings and configurations offered by the Clearview range but with the conventional ‘straight line’ configuration.

When used in conjunction with the Clearview range of pedestrian guardrails, the Sureguard range of guardrails retain an aesthetically pleasing uniformity of designing without detriment to performance or flexibility.

Sureguard pedestrian guardrails are available with vision gap for improved transparency.

Ornamented pedestrian guardrails for sensitive areas

In aesthetically sensitive areas pedestrian guardrails can be provided with a variety or ornamentation for a more pleasing appearance whilst still remaining compliant with the loading requirements of BS 7818.


All design of pedestrian guardrails can be manufactured with racked and stepped panels and matching gates.

As appropriate to site conditions, posts can be extended for concreting in, or fitted with base-plates for a bolted fixing.

Subject to quality and distance, we offer an installation service for our full range of pedestrian guardrails.

Quality and service is offered as standard on all products. We shall be pleased to quote for your requirements.


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