Period Architectural Ironwork

Retaining our heritage with traditional ironwork

Part of the rich architectural heritage of our country is the wealth of traditional ironwork that graces many of the famous buildings in our major cities.

By the use of both traditional and modern techniques and materials Cole Ironcraft is able to provide a wide range of reproduction period ironwork to satisfy most architectural needs.

For building restorations and for new buildings designed in the classical styles, railings, balustrades and gates of traditional design can provide the ‘finishing touch’.

In restorations its is not unusual for the existing ironwork to be beyond viable repair, be of the wrong configuration or be insufficient to satisfy the scheme requirements.

Reproduction period ironwork can mirror existing designs or be produced to individual requirements using standard or purpose made elements.

As on of the leading companies the this specialist field of work we are proud to have been involved in the supply and installation of reproduction period ironwork to many prestigious locations which include Westminster Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of London, The British Museum, Richmond Riverside Development and Goodwood Racecourse.

Is it practical?

It is not always practical or cost effective to carry out a restoration and achieve the standard of finish desired or expected. The condition of ironwork requiring attention should be carefully assessed before the decision to restore is made.

Points to consider

The restoration of period ironwork is not just about the repair or replacement of corroded or damage ironwork and a lick of paint.

Restoration should be sympathetic to the age and the condition of the ironwork in general and repairs should not be obvious by the ‘newness’ of their appearance.

A through understanding of the materials and the methods of construction used in the original manufacture is essential for the success of any restoration and our previous experience in this field has proven invaluable.

Consideration should also be given to the type of corrosion protection to be applied to restored ironwork, and the method of reinstallation to be employed.

Trust in experience

By the application of our many years of experience combined with the use of both traditional and modern methods and materials we are generally able to offer restorations that are both mechanically sounds and aesthetically appealing.

Our site operatives have significant experience in the safe and careful removal of period ironwork and are skilled in the various methods of reinstallation required for these types of products.

Quality and service is offered as standard on all products. We shall be pleased to quote for your requirements.


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